January 3, 2023

Implementing Okta Authentication In React

When we’re building an application, one essential factor is authentication. For many developers, building an authentication architecture is straightforward. Still, teams have to consider security and ease of integration with third-party platforms such as Google and Facebook. Soon enough, building your own authentication system becomes complex.

This tutorial will be helpful to readers who are interested in learning how to authenticate users with Okta or an alternative in their React applications. This article requires a basic understanding of React and JavaScript.

Like many authentication managers, Okta allows developers to control access to a React application using the OAuth 2.0 specification. Okta can be used as an authorization server to store all user information and issue user tokens for authentication and authorization.

With Okta, all of the user’s data and authentication information is stored securely in the cloud by Okta and can be managed from the Okta admin dashboard.

To retrieve user data from Okta, you’ll need to access it using Okta’s getUser method on OktaAuthService. More information is available in the documentation.

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